March 2010

We’re Not Gonna Take It – Tea Party Anthem

How about this for an Anthem for all patriots, conservatives, and Tea Party members all across the United States of America. They should play this song at every rally and every protest between now and November 2010 through November 2012 and beyond. – Chris Banescu Continue Reading »

Democracy and Freedom

Freedom Flag Liberty

American Thinker | by Bruce Walker | 3/28/2010

We often confuse democracy with freedom. The greatest good of government is liberty — that is what our Declaration of Independence emphatically states. Simply implementing the “Will of the People” is no more noble, true, or decent than the will of a kind and wise autocrat: Democracy has no value at all, except to help keep us free.

The world today shows the tension between freedom and democracy. Canada is a well-functioning democracy. Yet, as Ann Coulter and Mark Steyn and other conservatives can attest, it is an intolerant and censorious democracy which denies its intellectual critics the right to speak. The United Kingdom is democratic. Yet Geert Wilders and Michael Savage have been kept out of the country, at different times, for “hate speech.” Continue Reading »

Big Brother Becomes Big Bully

American Thinker | by Ed Lasky | 3/29/2010

The government in the Age of Obama has gone beyond the big brother that watches out and cares for us. Instead, it has becomes the big brother that torments and bullies us and then takes what is rightfully ours: our savings, our freedom, and our futures.

Liberals are often labeled as wanting to bring out the nanny state (the feminine version of a big brother). This is wrong. A nanny cares for her wards so that they can mature into responsible adults able to take care of themselves. Continue Reading »

Hope and Change … the Constitution

Larry Elder

Larry Elder

Human Events | by Larry Elder | 3/25/2010

We live in a fundamentally different country from that which existed only days ago. The government now requires that every American purchase health insurance. The Constitution has been attacked, interpreted in a way beyond its original intent. Therefore, we must change it.

Ignoring the will of the majority of the American people, the discouraging experiences of countries with socialized medicine, and the already staggering amount of entitlement debt, President Barack Obama and the congressional Democrats “reformed” health care. Once a nation under a Constitution that restricted government intrusion, we now want government to provide for our “needs” by calling them “rights.” Continue Reading »

Out With the Traitors!

Townhall | Dick Morris & Eileen McGann | 3/27/2010

Scott Murphy of New York, Suzanne Kosmas and Alan Boyd of Florida, Betsy Markey of Colorado, Dennis Kucinich and John Boccieri of Ohio and Glenn Nye of Virginia — a partial list of the traitors who switched their votes in the House from no to yes on Obamacare. Another, Bart Gordon of Tennessee voted no when running for re-election and then switched to yes when he retired rather than face defeat, so he is beyond our reach.

We need to make a point of defeating these traitors in 2010! That is what democracy is for. Continue Reading »

Coercive Charity Destroys the Human Spirit

American Thinker | by Joseph Rosenberger| 3/26/2010

A society that compels each individual to provide for the personal happiness of one’s neighbor, which can come only from selling one’s labor or one’s private property, and then handing those earnings over by confiscatory taxes, is a society with less individual freedom or liberty. At the current bankrupting levels of benevolence that comprise Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, this health care log will no doubt pulverize every bone in the camel. The destruction of our great nation — what the enemies of America could not accomplish by war, we are doing to ourselves by misplaced compassion.

We are not a collective. Nor are we slaves or servants to each other. While we hold many things in common, we must keep our hands off that from which all goodness and compassion come: the individual. Continue Reading »

Downsizing America’s Economy

American Thinker | Steve McCann | 3/25/2010

You can thank President Obama for the lower standard of living coming your way. The numbers tell the story.

The electorate in the United States is presently being bombarded from all sides with financial and economic statistics on health care and budget deficits. The scale and magnitude of the sums are incomprehensible. A calculation containing twelve or thirteen zeros causes the eye to glaze over. However, in their gut, the American people know that something is amiss and that the future very much in jeopardy. Continue Reading »

We The People Reject Obama’s Vision for America

We The People Reject Obama's Vision for America

We The People Reject Obama's Vision for America

The Daily Constitution | We The People | 3/25/2010

Dear President Obama,

“We The People” have stated resolutely we reject your vision for our country. You claim you have not heard us.
“We The People” have assembled across America resisting your efforts to subvert our constitution and undermine our liberty. You claim you have not seen us.

Since you have not acknowledged our message, let us here present it once more for if as President Wilson said, “a leader’s ear must ring with the voices of the people,” the time has come.

Our greatest treasure is freedom – the absence of restraints on our ability to think and to act. The corollary of freedom is individual responsibility. We believe in the power of the individual. Continue Reading »

Exempted From Obamacare: Senior Staff Who Wrote the Bill

New Ledger | by Ben Domenech | 3/22/2010

For as long as the political fight took over the past year, the abbreviated review process on the health care legislation currently pending on President Obama’s desk is unquestionably going to result in some surprises — as happens with any piece of mashed-up legislation — both for the congressmen who voted for it and for the American people.

One such surprise is found on page 158 of the legislation, which appears to create a carveout for senior staff members in the leadership offices and on congressional committees, essentially exempting those senior Democrat staffers who wrote the bill from being forced to purchase health care plans in the same way as other Americans. Continue Reading »

Leadership: Is the Microphone On?

The Orthodox Leader | by Fr Basil Biberdorf | 3/23/2010
Christ, the Author of Life

The recent turmoil surrounding the recent passage of healthcare legislation by the United States Congress is providing ample opportunity to look at the absence of Orthodox leadership. As a reminder, this blog’s purpose is not political. To the extent this legislation reflects Caesar’s affairs, it is generally best for the Church to remain silent.

Sadly, though, this legislation is not purely about political matters, for it has provisions for using taxes gathered from individuals, including Christians, to pay for elective abortions in all or part (c.f., here and here). Despite the scandalously equivocal language used by the Ecumenical Patriarch in discussing abortion (c.f., here, here, here, and here), the Church’s teaching cannot be misunderstood. As a best example, consider St. Basil the Great (AD 330-379), who says absolutely nothing new: “Women also who administer drugs to cause abortion, as well as those who take poisons to destroy unborn children, are murderesses” (Letter 188).

Children in the womb are human beings, and their willful destruction is murder. So what about all those who will now find themselves accessories to the crime through the new legal requirement to fund abortion? Continue Reading »

IRS to Enforce Health Reform

CNSnews | by Matt Cover | 3/22/2010

The Internal Revenue Service will function as the government’s chief enforcer for health care reform, should President Obama sign the bill into law as expected, monitoring both businesses and individuals to certify whether they have the insurance coverage the government requires. Continue Reading »

America Lost

US Flag in Distress

American Thinker | by Steve McCann | 3/22/2010

In the 1970s, there was an evocative public service advertisement on television. It showed an old and grizzled Native American Chief with a tear rolling down his cheek as he surveyed the pollution scaring the landscape of the once-pristine land.

As the House of Representatives passed Health Care Reform, many of us who were blessed to immigrate to the United States in search of freedom and opportunity (and were welcomed with open arms) found ourselves looking across the panorama of our adopted land with a tear rolling down our cheek.

Many of us who came to the United States did so to escape the brutal hand of government or as survivors of the consequences of tyranny run amok.

It has become difficult to watch, as our adopted land appears to have chosen a path that will lead to a nation we dare not imagine: a nation beginning to resemble what we left behind. Continue Reading »

Congress Health Care Vote: A Dark Day for Freedom in America

Telegraph UK | by Nile Gardiner | 3/22/2010

The passage last night of Barack Obama’s health care reform bill through the House of Representatives is yet another blow to freedom in America inflicted by the Obama administration. The legislation, which comes at a staggering cost of $940 billion, will hugely add to the already towering national debt, now at over $12 trillion. It is yet another millstone round the necks of the American people, already faced with the highest levels of unemployment in a generation. Continue Reading »

Catholic Bishops’ Plea to Congress: Do Not Pass Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

CNA | 3/20/2010
Catholic Bishops Anti-Abortion Plea Against HealthCare Bill
In a final, urgent plea to prevent the passage of the current form of the Senate health care bill, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on Saturday evening sent a letter to Congressmen asking them to vote “no.”

“For decades,” the letter says, “the United States Catholic bishops have supported universal health care. The Catholic Church teaches that health care is a basic human right, essential for human life and dignity.”

“Our community of faith,” the bishops continue, “provides health care to millions, purchases health care for tens of thousands and addresses the failings of our health care system in our parishes, emergency rooms and shelters. This is why we as bishops continue to insist that health care reform which truly protects the life, dignity, consciences and health of all is a moral imperative and an urgent national priority.” Continue Reading »

Orthodox Priest: Appeal for Prayer and Fasting, Fight Demonic ObamaCare Bill

Orthodox Anti-Abortion Icon

Orthodox Anti-Abortion Icon

by Fr. Demetrios Carellas | 3/19/2010

“And He said to them, ‘This kind can come forth by nothing, except by prayer and fasting.’” (Mark 9:29)

As a Greek Orthodox priest, I am compelled – in the Holy Name of our Lord Jesus – to rebuke and renounce this Bill as being demonic. Although there might be some good things within the Bill, they are totally negated by the presence of this ungodly attempt to make every working American culpable to the blood of these precious little ones, who are being slaughtered by the thousands– for PROFIT – everyday of the year! Would you drink a glass of the most expensive bottled water, if you knew that a drop of deadly poison had been placed in it? Of course not! You would dispose of the entire contents, and get a new bottle that contained no deadly additive. Continue Reading »

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