Orthodox Anti-Abortion Icon

Orthodox Anti-Abortion Icon

by Fr. Demetrios Carellas | 3/19/2010

“And He said to them, ‘This kind can come forth by nothing, except by prayer and fasting.’” (Mark 9:29)

As a Greek Orthodox priest, I am compelled – in the Holy Name of our Lord Jesus – to rebuke and renounce this Bill as being demonic. Although there might be some good things within the Bill, they are totally negated by the presence of this ungodly attempt to make every working American culpable to the blood of these precious little ones, who are being slaughtered by the thousands– for PROFIT – everyday of the year! Would you drink a glass of the most expensive bottled water, if you knew that a drop of deadly poison had been placed in it? Of course not! You would dispose of the entire contents, and get a new bottle that contained no deadly additive.

In like manner, the entire health care bill must be scrapped; and the process of health care reform must start over with a fresh “bottle” — untainted by the deadly “poison” of government funded abortions.


Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said those words to His disciples, when they asked Him why they were unable to expel the demonic spirit from the man’s son. I firmly believe that we have a similar situation today in our Nation. It is the goal of the party in power to have signed into law by March 22, 2010 a national health care bill, which would permit the use of taxpayers’ dollars to fund abortion on demand. While there are many other things in this health care bill that should cause us much concern (in addition to the fact that the majority of the people in Congress have not even fully read the bill!), the ‘keystone’ of this Bill’s foundation is to – in essence – make the killing of pre-born children a part of the very fabric of our Society. As one person stated, if this becomes law, then the pro-abortion movement, will have finally acquired its “Holy Grail”: using tax dollars to pay for abortions.

In the past few weeks, I am sure that – like me – you have received daily requests, from several well-meaning groups, to call, fax, and/or write your Congressional Representatives; and tell them to vote no against the health care bill. While this is a noble effort, I do not believe that it will be successful in ‘casting out this demon.’ No, my dear brothers and Sisters in Christ, “this kind can come forth by nothing, except prayer and fasting.” I believe that you and I must pray and fast, so that the Lord Himself will stop this satanic bill from becoming a satanic

The Orthodox Church is in a period of fasting, in preparation for our Lord’s awesome Passion and glorious Resurrection. Therefore, we are not eating meat, dairy products or fish at the present time. If you are not Orthodox, I encourage you to join with us in observing this fast. Those who are healthy may wish to – in addition – eliminate at least one meal a day as well. However, fasting without prayer has no power. Therefore, we must get on our knees everyday; and beg our Lord to cast out this demonic bill, which the evil one is using to destroy our Nation!

Orthodox Anti-Abortion Icon

Orthodox Anti-Abortion Icon

At the 9th hour of the day (3 PM), our Lord “gave up His spirit.” God willing, I hope to be in prayer – on my knees, if at all possible – at 3 PM everyday, until our Lord delivers us from this evil. Of course, I will continue offering the prayer at Noon (the Rachel’s Prayer at Noon Revolution, which I sent to you a month ago), for our Lord Jesus to remove forever the legalization of these murders. However, I feel this 9th hour prayer demands my immediate response — hopefully, only for a very short time. Below is a prayer that I pray was given to me, in spite of my filth and unworthiness, by the Holy Spirit. You are welcome to use it, or simply offer your personal, heart-centered entreaty.

When the people of Nineveh were told by Prophet Jonah that God was preparing to destroy their city, they all immediately prayed and fasted; and God spared them. Is it not time for us to imitate them, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ?

With much love and prayers for all of you in Christ Jesus,

+Fr. Demetrios

A 9th Hour Prayer to our Lord Jesus, for Deliverance

O my All-Merciful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, our Nation’s leaders are seeking to pass into law a bill that would make us all accomplices in the murders of Thy pre-born children. Thou art our only hope! Please deliver us from this “messenger of Satan”! I come to Thee at the hour, in which Thou didst give up Thy spirit; and thereby destroy death and open the gates of Paradise.

Bending the knee of my heart before Thee, I beg Thee, O my Jesus, overlook the filth and evil so prevalent within Thy sinful slave; and do not permit this bill to pass. And grant that this victory be but the forerunner to an even greater victory: the obliteration forever of the law that legalized the murders of these tiny living ikons of Thee! O my Life-Giver and my Redeemer, O my Most-Sweet Lord Jesus, glory be to Thee! Amen.