Brewer to Obama - Warning Signs Are Not Enough6/25/2010 – B. Chrysostom –

Governor Jan Brewer has just released another video message where she, once again, speaks out against Obama’s complete failure to secure the US borders and help Arizona control the massive illegal immigration invasion plaguing that state.

Governor Brewer takes on Obama’s lies that “our border is as safe as it has ever been” and she challenges the President to do his constitutionally mandated job of securing our borders and protecting the citizens of Arizona and of the United States.

This conservative woman has the guts and determination to challenge Obama’s incompetence and dereliction of duties.

May God bless Gov. Brewer! America needs more governors and leaders like her to speak the truth, use the media to send the message to Obama that his lies and failures will be challenged, and help us rescue America from the radicals in Washington who are destroying our country.

Governor Jan Brewer:

Two weeks ago I met with President Obama. He promised that we would get word from his administration on what they were going to do to secure the border. Well, we finally got the message… These signs!

These signs calling our desert an active drug and human smuggling area. These signs warning people of danger and telling them to stay away.

We’re 80 miles away from the border and only 30 miles away from Arizona’s capital. This is an outrage!

Washington says our border is as safe as it has ever been. Does this look safe to you?

What is our country coming to? We will not surrender any part of Arizona. We need to stand up and demand action!

Washington is broken Mr. President. Do your job! Secure our borders! Arizona and the nation are waiting!

Earlier this month, Governor Jan Brewer sat in the Oval Office with President Barack Obama to discuss the critical issue of border security. The Governor personally related to the President the concerns of millions of Arizonans over the lack of security on Arizona’s southern border. During their visit, President Obama committed to present details, within two weeks of their meeting, regarding his plans to commit National Guard troops to the Arizona border and commit to spend $500 million in additional funds on border security.

Governor Brewer remains eager to receive the specific details of President Obama’s border security plans. She continues to extend an invitation to the President to visit with families living along the southwestern border and see the situation firsthand.