Conservatives Majority by Bruce Walker –
There is a “Real America” out there — a conservative America that remains hidden beneath a mountain of pessimism which we conservatives have come to live with because we have so little voice in the institutions of American society.  Indeed, the Gallup Poll, which has hardly been a friend of conservatives, has conducted five polls over the last three years which broke down ideological self-identification state by state.

In August 2009, Gallup data showed that conservatives outnumbered liberals in every single state.  In February 2010, Gallup presented polling data that showed the same thing: though the numbers were different, conservatives outnumbered liberals in every state.  Six months later, Gallup presented new polling numbers which showed that conservatives outnumbered liberals in every state but Rhode Island.  One year ago, in February 2011, Gallup again showed polling data which revealed that in every single state, conservatives outnumbered liberals.  Then, in February 2012, the Gallup Poll showed that in every state except Massachusetts, conservatives outnumbered liberals.

Crucially, Gallup never played up this startling news about the ideological composition of our nation.  Instead it seemed to downplay this very big story. That ought to be very encouraging to conservatives, but instead many of us seem inconsolable and seem certain that our countrymen have been bribed or hypnotized or flattered into leftism by the organs of leftist propaganda or the leftist cadres within the federal government. Continue Reading »